Wanting to capture your babies arrival on Camera!


Photo Tips in the Labour Room

So your partner is about to give birth, and your number one role is to support her.  Hopefully during this exciting time you will still find a little time to capture this most amazing day. These photos will be something to treasure.

So lets keep things simple. You may already be really adept with a camera, or you may just have the camera on your phone to use. But whatever you have as long as it takes pictures thats fine.

hands on bump

What are the best tips?

Be prepared 

If your using a digital camera, spend some time getting to know your camera.  Take some images around you so you are confident in using it.  Make sure you keep your batteries well charged and a spare set, also ensure you have plenty of memory cards.  If your using a mobile phone don’t forget to take a charger and again make sure you have enough memory on your phone.

Turn off the flash if you can

Don’t have your flash on. Using the flash will create very harsh looking images and can be really distracting to Mum. Natural light images are far more flattering as it will take the shine of peoples complexions.  

Using natural light does not have to be difficult as long as your room has a window. The best way is for you to stand with your back to the window so the sun light is behind you.  Of course it may be the middle of the night, if it is turn off the main lights and turn on a side lamp if one is available and create a soft glow on the new Mum and Baby.

If you can’t do any of the above then use the flash as you won’t want to miss any images, but limit the images so not to over stress anyone.

Go for colour 

If you take all of your photographs in colour, you’ll have the option to convert them to black and white later on. Black & White images are timeless and will often make the images more flattering.  It’s worth remembering that your partner will be feeling tired after the birth and may not feel there best.  Skin on baby will often be red and blotchy so converting images to Black & White can make their complexions look softer and more even.

Using your camera phone?

Some phones have excellent cameras, others not so good. Make some simple checks to get the best you can from your camera phone. Make sure your lens is clean, it’s easy to get the lens covered in fingerprints and fluff from pockets and bags.

If your camera allows you to change the resolution or image size, make sure you choose the highest quality. This will ensure you can print images later on.  

There are lots of photo apps out there. If you do download an app make sure you practice with it first and make sure i works for you.

Another way to test your camera phone is to take a few photos and print them out to make sure your happy with the images.  If for any reason your not happy and don’t have a camera see if you can borrow one, as you won’t want to miss a thing.

Get up close 

Get close to your new baby and take pictures of all their little details, tiny toes, little fingers, button noses and scrunched up faces.  Within a few weeks you will be surprised at how much they grow and these images will make gorgeous memories. 

Keep it natural 

Asking the new mum to pose can make images seem awkward, the best pictures you will get are un-posed and natural, take images when mum is relaxed and looking at her baby, or when baby has fallen asleep in her arms.  Simple is often best.

Get in the picture yourself

Remember your a new dad and you will need some picture of you also with baby and as a new family, your midwife will be more than happy to take a few images and if your camera has a timer then rest your camera on a flat surface and take some images of your new family.

The full story

You may be thinking about creating a phonebook to tell the story of your baby journey, and if so start a few days before, take pictures of your partners bump, the case waiting at the door, the labour room, the staff that delivered your baby in to the world, those faces as your visitors arrive and see your baby for the first time, and anything else that makes you smile. 

Don’t panic! 

Stay calm, there is no need to worry just take the images you want when you can. The reality is even if your images are a little blurry or dark, they will still be treasured memories.  

Just remember

Taking lots of photos of the birth and your partner will be a great record of the day, but before you share any of the photos on social media make sure you edit them, and check with your partner that she is happy with the images you want to share.


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