Resources To Help Explain Corona Virus To Our Kids


My children are 14 & 15, but my daughter who’s 15 has ASD and Global Learning Delay and even at this age, I am really struggling to explain what’s happening in the world to her. Explaining the science of a pandemic in a way she can understand, has been a challenge, and protecting her from the News, that invites fear.

As I’ve been looking for for help online, I’ve found a few really good resources. PLEASE, please do share with any resources you’ve found, that I can add to the list.


1. OMG this is brilliant,  PlayMobil animation explaining the Corona Virus and also social distancing. Fantastic for the younger kids (say 3-6), but still has some challenging content that may need your input.


2. Simple, engaging science book for kids this has clear graphics and simple sentences. I would say it was aimed at 5+ or those with a Learning difficulty.  My gave this site a thumbs up.


3. This online book is one for older kids, it includes many links to useful resources of things to do with the kids, and has a sense of wellbeing about it. It uses more complex language than the first site, so aimed may need some explanations if younger kids are reading it. The resources at the back are great for a wide age range.




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