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So you got the big news! You’re expecting and there are so many amazing things in store for you ahead. A baby boy, or girl  or even twins and a lifetime of love from your little bundle. What an exciting journey you are about to embark on and ooh you’re in for a ride!

There are so many things to do while getting ready for your little one. Planning the nursery, finances, time off work etc. Not to mention you’ll be experiencing so many new changes within your body, and some will experience being tired and nauseous. But being pregnant is honestly one of the most amazing times. It is quite possibly the single most important thing you will do as a woman. Growing a healthy tiny little human being inside of you from start to finish is truly a miracle. So what better time than now to have beautiful portraits taken.

Here are just a few reasons to have maternity portraits taken:

1. YOUR FAMILY IS CHANGING. If you’re having your first baby this is an especially memorable time for you and your partner. It’s likely been just the two of you and you are going to forever be bonded by this special little miracle you’ve created. If you’re married you likely have beautiful wedding portraits, but now it’s time to focus on your next chapter as parents. If you already have children, expecting another is equally as memorable. It’s a time when your existing children really get to be a part of this journey with you. And what a better time to have your last pictures taken together before your newest addition arrives. Your maternity portraits can always include children.

2. INVEST. While most of us think of investments as financial, there are also cases where you should invest in moments. This is why I love my job so much because I get to help you capture and invest in beautiful portrats that capture the very most special events in your lives. Once your children are older these opportunites aren’t quite as frequent. You will appreciate that you documented them early on so you can cherish and remember them.

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3. WARDROBE. As your body changes throughout pregancy one of the most annoying parts is finding clothes that fit! At Tracy Simpson Photography we a selection of maternity gowns for you to use during your maternity session. But when booking you will get emailed a session guide to help you plan out what to bring.

4. LOCATION. Whether you want your images outside or indoors, we can accommodate. We have studio in Milton Keynes, and also have many amazing outdoor locations we can recommend.

I really could go on and on about why you sould not miss the opportunity to have maternity portraits taken. But above I’ve outlined some of the ones I chat with my clients about the most. If you are interested in scheduling we do offer a discounted maternity sessions for those who are also scheduling a newborn session.  CONTACT me by email for more information.

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