Homeschooling again!! January 2021


UPDATE – Fantastic resource of free online activities –

Home School Resources


During the first lockdown when the kids stayed home, I found out something really important. I discovered i have no patience when it came to teaching my own two children. I found it hard work, i had a 14 year old in year 10, and a 15 year old special needs child. The school’s sent work home but not enough to keep them busy for long. Finding home school resources was key.So here we go again for the next 2 weeks at least, so where do we start?The most important thing is to remember, we are not a replacement for the teacher, we are Mum’s & Dad’s so we can make homeschooling fun. So where do we start.

  • Accept that you don’t know everything. Schools accept that parents don’t always have the skills, knowledge or patience to teach. They appreciate that supervising schooling has been thrust upon us and we may not be prepared. So take a look at your skills and talents that you can share with your children. Can you bake? well there is a cooking and maths lesson all in one. Reading a recipe, weighing ingredients teach your children important skills. Where have you been on holiday, show them on a map, talk about things you saw, places you visited. Can you draw, paint or be creative, just share these activities with your children.  So just by doing those few activities we have covered, Art, Maths, Geography all without much stress.
  • Don’t clock watch.  You don’t need to start at 8.45am, if you want to start at 10am then that’s fine, clock watching will just create stress.
  • Set up a routine. I work on anything the school has sent home in the morning, we still have break time that includes hot chocolate and biscuits, then after lunch we may do some fun activities. A kick around in the garden, some baking, or even making dinner for that evening. If the kids have a routine, like a school day they know where they are.
  • The Teen. Give teens some of the responsibility for other children. My 14 year old is really patient with my daughter, so i ask him to design a lesson and deliver it.  It’s been really surprising how creative he is. The up side is he is also learning new skills.


Search google for home schooling activities, you will be surprised at how many resources are freely available.  A couple of my favourite resources include:

BBC – Amazing resources for Primary and secondary

Twinkl.- Lot’s of schools use Twinkl, there are plenty of free worksheets and projects. Our Favourite last time was a Titanic project.

National Geographic Kids  – This ticked the history, travel and Animal box.  Both my kids loved this. – You will be surprised how much is available on this site, it is an American resource but all kids need to learn, you will find lesson plans and resources including Music, Art and languages.

Storyline – This one is the best, different stories read by celeb’s – think i watched for hours LOL!

Try to enjoy spending time with the Children, and if all else fails, there’s always a great Disney movie.




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