Facetime Newborn Sessions at Home


Facetime Newborn Covid Photography in your own home

So I have put together a plan to do newborn sessions via facetime or zoom. We will start with a walk around your house so we can find the best light in your home and chat about possible locations. Ideal places are normally the nursery, bedroom or lounge.  I will give you some guidance on looking for things like scarfs, blankets and cushions, that we can use. I will then talk you though positioning your baby in some very simple poses and help you to take photos using a camera or mobile phone, surprisingly modern mobile phones will create amazing images. We will regularly stop so we can look at what you have created and then we can chat about how to refine the image.

Once we have finished the session you can send me the best images for me to edit. If we can achieve the right image it may be possible for me to Photoshop your baby into one of the bowls that I would normally be able to use if we were in my studio!

I know these images will not be the same as what would be created during a full newborn session but hopefully they will at least give you a few special images of your baby with a professional finish. And what’s more you would have taken the original image.

Below are some examples of simple shots that we could try.

These sessions will be free of charge to any of my clients that have already booked a Newborn session and baby has already arrived, and we will transfer your newborn session fees to a family session as soon as restrictions are lifted.  If you have not currently got a newborn session booked, you can still take advantage of this FREE session, you will just need to book an outdoor mini family session to take place within 12 months.  Details of my family session can be found here.

The facetime session is free and includes 5 fully edited images of your choice.

Do follow my Facebook page here for additional special offers.

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facetime newborn sesson


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