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So many times I get asked the same question - Why does newborn photography cost so much?  so I thought I would sit down and try to explain!! 

I'm sure you all have noticed whilst searching around that the pricing for Newborn Photography has a huge range and is often far more expensive then a standard family photoshoot.  Initially the enquiries I get from either my website of facebook page are messages to say how much they love my work, and after responding with the details of my pricing I won't always hear from them again.  Generally when you are looking for a Newborn Photographer you need to have a few considerations, a good rule of thumb is: If you are paying under £100 for a session with photos on a disc, chances are your photographer is either A. inexperienced and just starting out or B. not have insurances in place.   I do know and understand we all have to start somewhere, when i started 6 years ago, completely inexperienced and doing free sessions to build my portfolio I was doing the exact same thing, a low price for all the images on a disc, but whilst doing that I had another job saved hard and have taught myself lighting, bought a professional camera, Professional lenses, converted a garage into a studio, and purchased a huge range of props, furnished a studio, bought professional lighting equipment, on top of paying for insurance, taxes, accountants and staff.  It is simply not possible to run a profitable business at the end of the day only charging £100 for everything. 

Newborn photography does in fact cost A LOT more than a family session. Here's why.

Training: I can't stress how IMPORTANT training is to a Newborn Photographer I have invested THOUSANDS of pounds and I have lost track of the hundreds of hours in classes to learn proper safety and posing techniques for what is, lets be honest the most important thing in your life!  I go on newborn retreats spending a whole weekend with trainers, watch live training videos, and purchase photography classes in order to continually learn and improve. Your little one's safety is of the utmost importance. On top of the training for handling your new baby safely there is the training to maintain a high level of editing skills, hours can be spent learning new techniques. If you think of other sectors, you would expect them to have many hours of training and experience,  Doctor, Mechanic, Builder you wouldn't want to allow a mechanic access to your car unless you knew he was qualified to do so. Please chose someone experienced to handle your fragile and precious new gift, don't be afraid to ask questions about who they have trained with, when they last trained or even a client referral, any newborn photographer investing in training will have no qualms about answering those questions.

Flexibility: Babies come on their own timeline. You have a due date and will plan childcare for siblings, maternity cover at work etc but those babies tend to arrive when they are good and ready. I need to maintain an incredibly flexible diary for that reason, I cannot book a specific date for a session until the baby is actually born. This means that there are a very limited number of sessions I can book per month, and will often have to turn down work as I need to maintain the flexibility to do your session at a moments notice. This will ultimately limit the number of sessions I can do. 

Time: Newborn photography takes time, a LOT of time.  A standard outdoor family session can be completed anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour depending on the package you book, the number of family members and if the younger members want to play ball. The average full gallery newborn session can last 2-4 hours. Once you arrive at the studio the baby needs to be fed and then soothed to sleep. This process can take 10 minutes or 30. From there I move to posing, soothing, positioning, soothing, changing backdrops, changing props, soothing, changing hats, soothing, cleaning up the accidents, soothing, stopping for another feed. Those of you who have seen me work know it takes a lot of patience to get every finger and toe settled into the perfect place and position. There is so much more involved then most realise and clients often walk away stunned at how hard the season is for me.

Props: OMG Newborn props,  the smallest and simplest are often the most expensive. I spend around £30 per fabric backdrop, £20 per headband, £25 per bonnet, and £50 per romper on the LOW end they can reach £80+. Custom designs are even more expensive. It is not uncommon to pay £35 shipping costs on something as simple as bowls, as many of these props come from overseas, although the UK prop vendor market is now growing. The other factor is the dreaded newborn poop!! Now that stuff can stain and lot's of things like some blankets and outfits cannot be hand washed and have to get thrown and replaced. I also wash everything thats been used in between every single baby for sanitary reasons so things tend get worn out quickly, plus I buy baby friendly detergents. I am constantly ordering new colors and options for all of you in order to provide a variety of quality choices for your baby and to fit in with current trends. Last year alone I invested over £1500 in Props.

Editing: The amount of time spent editing is more time consuming compared to any other sessions. We all have this ideal picture in our head of newborns with creamy smooth skin when the reality is just the opposite. All newborns skin photographs differently and each change of background can cause a colour cast, this is especially so with newborns as they are laying on the backgrounds, so that much nearer, but generally newborns skin will be really red, yellow, purple, blotchy, have acne or milk spots, or all of the above. They often come with peeling skin, birth marks, hairy bodies, and gunky eyes, some parents are happy for these to stay, others want them removed. So many hours of work go into creating the creamy and beautiful finished product that you receive. 

Running Costs: The studio needs to be heated to a much higher heat than a normal session so this means additional electric heaters, as well as during the session keeping a fan heater running so baby stays comfortable - They lose an incredible amount of body heat whilst naked. The cost of editing software with Adobe can run into £240 a year, its a subscription based service so not a one off purchase. Studio insurance, Camera Insurance, Public Liability Insurance all cost, none of which come cheaply these are things that are critical and essential of every photographer, and again any photographer will be more than happy to share insurance details if you wish.

So hopefully you understand a little about what goes in to create those beautiful images that you will treasure forever, whilst this is a passion of mine and I get a great deal of satisfaction from it, it is my business and my livelihood.  I no longer get suited and booted and head off to the office knowing that at the end of the month my salary gets paid and I know how much I will get and can budget.  I still have the same bills and a family to support just like everyone. It really really takes lot's of time, money and passion to get to know your craft and to give clients an experience they will remember.  Even with my 2018 price increase I am still barely profitable, in 2016 I made a loss and considered closing the business, 2017 i did turn a profit but an incredibly small one, so small that 2018 needed to see some changes, so investing in new training to broaden my offering I hopefully will be able to continue in 2019.  So all I would like to say is when considering a Newborn Photographer think about all these factors, we all have the same expenses and costs. Think about all those little extra things we squeeze into our budgets each month, a meal out, trips to the movies, new shoes or the latest mobile phone or gadget.  The cost of documenting your newborns first days should be priceless. 

I'll close this out with one thought: "If something is to good to be true it often is." You can't get back the time to re-create newborn images, they are only Newborn for a moment.

Thanks for reading x

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Gracie Meet the gorgeous Gracie, Gracie is my best friends daughter and an aspiring photographer and model.  She is so amazing in front of the camera and takes direction really well, and was happy with me changing hair, clothes and adding things in her hair!!  

The idea was to put myself through the paces for a new product I will be offering in January 2018, It will be aimed at 5+ year olds and the aim is to create some Classic Styled portraits, images that have the wow factor.  I will style images unless you have some amazing ideas, you will be able to bring a prop of your own or an outfit, I will guide you on what to bring and colours that work.

To get on the waiting list for these new portraits leave your details here -












































































































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Wanting to capture your babies arrival on Camera! Photo Tips in the Labour Room


So your partner is about to give birth, and your number one role is to support her.  But hopefully during this exciting time you will still find a little time to capture this most amazing day, these photos will be something to treasure.

So lets keep things simple, you may already be really adept with a camera, or you may just have the camera on your phone to use, but whatever you have as long as it takes pictures thats fine.


hands on bump


What are the best tips?

Be prepared 

If your using a digital camera, spend some time getting to know your camera, take some images around you so you are confident in using it, make sure you keep your batteries well charged and a spare set, also ensure you have plenty of memory cards.  If your using a mobile phone don't forget to take a charger and again make sure you have enough memory on your phone.


Turn off the flash if you can

Don’t have your flash on, using the flash will create very harsh looking images and can be really distracting to Mum, Natural light images are far more flattering as it will take the shine of peoples complexions.  

Using natural light does not have to be difficult as long as your room has a window, the best way is for you to stand with your back to the window so the sun light is behind you.  Of course it may be the middle of the night, if it is turn off the main lights and turn on a side lamp if one is available and create a soft glow on the new Mum and Baby.

If you can’t do any of the above then use the flash as you won’t want to miss any images, but limit the images so not to over stress anyone.


Go for colour 

If you take all of your photographs in colour, you'll have the option to convert them to black and white later on. Black & White images are timeless and will often make the images more flattering.  It’s worth remembering that your partner will be feeling tired after the birth and may not feel there best, and skin on baby will often be red and blotchy so converting images to Black & White can make their complexions look softer and more even.


Using your camera phone?

Some phones have excellent cameras, others not so good. Make some simple checks to get the best you can from your camera phone, make sure your lens is clean, it’s easy to get the lens covered in fingerprints and fluff from pockets and bags.

If your camera allows you to change the resolution or image size, make sure you choose the highest quality you can to ensure you can print images later on.  

There are lots of photo apps out there, if you do download an app make sure you practice with it first and make sure i works for you.

Another way to test your camera phone is to take a few photos and print them out to make sure your happy with the images once printed, if for any reason your not happy and don't have a camera see if you can borrow one, as you won’t want to miss a thing.


Get up close 

Get close to your new baby and take pictures of all their little details, tiny toes, little fingers, button noses and scrunched up faces.  Within a few weeks you will be surprised at how much they grow and these images will make gorgeous memories. 


Keep it natural 

Asking the new mum to pose can make images seem awkward, the best pictures you will get are un-posed and natural, take images when mum is relaxed and looking at her baby, or when baby has fallen asleep in her arms.  Simple is often best.


Get in the picture yourself

Remember your a new dad and you will need some picture of you also with baby and as a new family, your midwife will be more than happy to take a few images and if your camera has a timer then rest your camera on a flat surface and take some images of your new family.


The full story

You may be thinking about creating a phonebook to tell the story of your baby journey, and if so start a few days before, take pictures of your partners bump, the case waiting at the door, the labour room, the staff that delivered your baby in to the world, those faces as your visitors arrive and see your baby for the first time, and anything else that makes you smile. 


Don't panic! 

Stay calm, there is no need to worry just take the images you want when you can. The reality is even if your images are a little blurry or dark, they will still be treasured memories.  


Just remember

Taking lots of photos of the birth and your partner will be a great record of the day, but before you share any of the photos on social media make sure you edit them, and check with your partner that she is happy with the images you want to share.

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1st Birthday Cake Smash  

smiling girl in pink hatWalsh-58-Edit


WOW! Time has gone so fast since Harper came for her Newborn Images a year ago, and what a cutie she has become, with two very protective big brothers, You can be sure that boyfriends will have to pass by these two before taking Harper on a date!


girl on chairHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-12-Edit laughing siblingsHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-19-Edit big brotherHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-27-Edit sibling chatHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-82-Edit


Doing a cake smash & splash is so much fun, we start out by taking some nice portraits, in Harper's case it was a fight between her brothers as to who would sit next to her and who would hold her hand, they clearly love this little girl so much.


i am oneHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-96-Edit brothers join inHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-145-Edit cake and butterfliesHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-206-Edit cake in toesHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-233-Edit bubbles with mummyHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-244-Edit bath and butterfliesHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-290-Edit mothers loveHarper Walsh - CS - 16042016-343-Edit

Most sessions will have a theme, you choose the colour of the cake you want and if you want to join in or have a sibling along then thats fine.  Each shoot includes the cake so you don't have to worry about a thing and we have a couple of styles you can choose from.  To find out more go to CAKE SMASH



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Top Four Baby Apps Four Amazing Apps For Expectant Mum's

These days you find that there really is an app for everything!!!   The Pregnancy and Newborn market has an App for everything, from when your ovulating, due dates, phases of pregnancy, feeding timings and even how often your new baby poops!!   So how can you get the best Apps without wasting money?  How do you make sure the App will do what you need it to do?  So having spoken to lot's of my new Mum's I have listed the favourite four.


Ovia Pregnancy


This one was mentioned so many times and although other Apps have the same overall functions,  Ovuline’s Ovia app was raved about as it let you store bump pics, gave daily feedback on the stages of your pregnancy, and lot's of great Tips for you. The best bit i was shown was the hand, each day the App creates a real life size image of the babies hand so you can see its size, really cool.  


NCT Babychange


One of the hardest thing I found having a 1 year old and a newborn was finding places to change them!!!  Would i get a double buggy in?  Would i be kneeling on a toilet floor?  I just wish this App had been available all those years ago!   Well worth having especially if your out and about in an area your unsure about! NCT App




Feeding Master


Timing the length and frequency of your feeds and working out how much your baby has had, it tracks if your breast feeding what side you have used and how long for, if you have expressed, or if you have used Formula feeds.  It goes a long way from the pad and pencil and trying to remember which side to feed or how much you gave!  It really is handy! Feeding Master



My Baby Today


It's like a journal with all your milestones and Baby changes, you can log photos  and get great advice and tips. You can create birth clubs with other new mums, or just read the tips and stories they have uploaded, You can create checklists, watch award winning videos and so much more. Well worth downloading. My Baby Today  

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Newborn Baby Molly          newborn baby molly

Meet baby Molly, what a sweetie she was.  Molly was a very special Rainbow baby who was very much wanted. Throughout her session she just slept. and the only time she woke was to feed. A total sweetie.


baby in peachHollyClark32-Edit

pink pink baby girlHollyClark6-Edit



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Wrap up Thursday

        milton keynes newborn family photographer . wrap up thursday

It's been so busy lately with so many amazing scrumptious babies that with life and work this poor blog thing gets neglected.  If you follow my work on facebook you know that I love wrapped baby images,  they are my one of my favorites!!  Babies love being snuggled up as they were in the womb only a few short weeks before I photograph them.  I try to do something different each session and I feel that I can be most creative when it comes to wrapping; no two wraps are alike and i practice lot's on my daughters dolls to try out different styles of wraps.  Thank you to all of my AMAZING clients that trust me with your new little ones.


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Win a Free Newborn Shoot **Calling all PREGNANT mummies**
If you would like a chance to win a FREE NEWBORN SESSION at our Milton Keynes home studio please message us with a 'selfie' picture of your baby bump, we will then post all the pictures onto our gallery and the bump pic with the most LIKES on Sunday 30th March (Mothers Day) wins !!

To enter: message us through Facebook or via e.mail to inc 1 picture you have taken yourself of your bump (big or small it doesn't matter!!) Also feel free to send us any details to go with your bump e.g. 'baby no2, 26 wks...its a girl'

Photos will be posted to our 'Bump Competition' album on this page. Please feel free to tag yourself once your image is posted to our gallery and share with friends & family to make sure you get the most LIKES.

Photos will be added within 24hrs of us receiving them and the winner will be announced at 11am on Mothers Day (Sun 30th March 2014)

The winner (photo with the most LIKES) will win a FREE Newborn Session (worth £75) and one free digital image of your choice.

Three runners up will each win a Free Bump Session (worth £50) and one free print.

Terms & Conditions Apply



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Cathedral of Trees Baby Palmer is only 6 weeks away from arriving, so we went to the Cathedral of Trees to make the most of the sunshine and get a few images of the family before their little bundle arrives in September.


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Woodland Walk What do you do with an 8 year old on a sunny autumn morning?


Go to the woods and take photos of course.  Gracie is 8 at the moment and as tall as a 11 year old, she really is a future model, she has the walk, the poses and the faces!!  Ask her what she wants to be and she will say a Fashion Designer and Model.  I've known Gracie since she was a baby and she has always been a willing model.  But these images really show her at her best.


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Aird Family Ok, been a bit behind on the blogging over the last month, what with lot's of clients coming through the studio we are in the middle of the school holidays and I have a very active 7 & 8 year old that between rain showers and sunshine are incredibly demanding on my time!!!

The Aird family came to the studio to have some up to date images of their girls, they really are cuties, Freya was a natural in front of the camera and really did delight the rest of us with her moves!

Anyway here is just a few from the shoot.



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A Crazy Bunch Well, this is the only way to brighten up a Saturday evening, Do a photo shoot with an amazing family that really do know how to let their hair down.  Dawn and her 2 sisters decided to do a photo shoot for their Dad, who is a true gent in every sense of the word and whom clearly loves his girls.  We had so much fun especially when all the silly dress up hats and wigs came out.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed taking them.



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The Ainger Family  

Meet Aileen and Jonathan and their 4 amazing kids, I had such a great shoot with them, they really are the happiest bunch or people, the boys did seem a little apprehensive when they arrived at the studio, but Charlotte was really excited and and ready to go for it and really did show the boys how it was done. Looking forward to September when I will be shooting the renewal of their wedding vows after 10 years, how amazing is that.

The boys really warmed up once the word bundle dad was uttered, not so sure Dad was impressed though, and then when Mum & Dad tried out the space hopers, not sure who laughed more the kids or Mum & Dad.


Portraits, Family




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